ZYN's nicotine pouch is more discreet than cigarettes or e-cigs, with no lingering smell. Plus, it’s easy to use indoors and out – making it the perfect complement to your everyday.
Take control of your satisfaction with ZYN's spit-free pouch. Placing the pouch in your upper lip means less saliva, and no need to spit.
ZYN is made with tobacco-derived nicotine salt, along with other natural and artificial ingredients, for a cleaner nicotine experience.
Two Strengths
Every flavor of ZYN comes in two levels of satisfaction: 3 mg for clean nicotine satisfaction and 6 mg for even more nicotine enjoyment.
Six Flavors
From minty and fresh to sweet and intense, ZYN’s tobacco-free nicotine pouches come in a wide variety of flavors, for a wide variety of tastes.